MeiDa Information Technology Ltd. and Wireless Enterprise Systems Announce Distribution Agreement

Wireless Enterprise Express will significantly improve mobile user satisfaction for MeiDA's Asia Pacific customers

San Francisco California - Monday November 17, 2003 - MeiDa Information Technology Ltd., a leading provider of interactive information solutions in China, today announced a distribution agreement with Wireless Enterprise Systems, a leading provider of Wireless Integration middleware. Under the agreement, WES's Wireless Enterprise Express (WE/X) will become an integral part of wireless solutions distributed by MeiDA into China to enable enterprises to rapidly connect mobile customers and workers to back-office data.

WE/X helps organizations integrate traditional legacy business operations, processes, and technology with mobile workers for information sharing from the enterprise to the mobile device. WE/X provides customers, partners, and employees of the enterprise with mobile access to multiple sources of business information and applications. Many of these data sources and business processes have traditionally been locked away in "silo" legacy applications, making integration difficult. WE/X collects and leverages "on the fly" the information needed to pass along to a mobile worker or customer connected to the company via a wireless network.

"We are pleased that MeiDA has selected WE/X to help deliver rich, powerful wireless solutions to its customers," said Christopher Herron, President of Wireless Enterprise Systems. "WE/X is a prime example of how enterprises can gain rapid access from wireless devices to enterprise applications."

WE/X is an automated, non-intrusive solution for accessing legacy application business data, through a wireless device. By incorporating WE/X into MeiDA's wireless solutions, MeiDa customers can now easily and rapidly access business processes and data from any comprehensive enterprise application via a wireless device.

"We are committed to equipping our customers with the tools they need to cost-effectively migrate their business systems into a dynamic, intuitive mobile-business environment," said Herbert Goertz Chairman and CEO, MeiDa Information Technology Ltd., Hong Kong. "WE/X allows us to take our offerings one step further, making it easy for our Asia Pacific customers to flexibly respond to evolving mobile customer and market requirements while preserving investments in existing legacy applications."

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