WE/X 3.0 with Intelligent Client allows mobile users to continue working when disconnected from a wireless network.

The Intelligent Client leverages IBM's DB2 Everyplace and J9 Virtual Machine


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 26, 2004 -- Wireless Enterprise Systems, Inc., a software innovator for the mobile business marketplace today announced WE/X 3.0 with a new WE/X software component WE/X Intelligent Client. WE/X provides mobile business users with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface to head-office business applications from mobile wireless devices. The intelligent client enables mobile operators to continue working when disconnected (off-line) from a wireless network.


The Intelligent Client automatically detects unexpected service interruptions in the network such as a mobile business user passing through a tunnel and transparently switches between on-line and off-line mode. Mobile business users can also choose to work off-line and control when they synchronize data to or from head office business applications thus minimizing communication costs and taking advantage of times of strongest network signal.


"WE/X 3.0 provides expanded access to enterprise systems and information from popular mobile platforms allowing corporations to extend existing enterprise applications regardless of location or network connectivity," said Herbert Goertz Chairman and CEO, MeiDa Information Technology Ltd., Hong Kong. "WE/X and its use of IBM's WebSphere Everyplace Access can help SAP mobile professionals increase productivity and enhance customer service while on the go. Companies in Asia Pacific can immediately generate a strong return on investment by leveraging their existing investments in SAP and IBM WebSphere."


WE/X 3.0 leverages the power of IBM's DB2 Everyplace 150KB-footprint database to store data locally on the mobile device. The intelligent client also leverages IBM's industry proven fast Java runtime environment IBM J9 Virtual Machine.


"WE/X 3.0 transforms a mobile device from a browser to an interactive mobile platform, said Blair Pleasant, President and Principal Analyst, COMMfusion, a leading provider of market research analysis on wireless middleware. "SAP mobile users can now connect to their back office system without having to worry about network signal strength issues. WE/X enables a new subset of revenue generating services for the SAP enterprise."


Available now for all popular mobile business devices

WE/X 3.0 is available immediately for use with mobile devices that can connect to the internet and use any popular mobile platform such as Pocket PC, Palm and Blackberry. WE/X connects directly to industry business applications like SAP through existing application interfaces independent of the application version.

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